Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reasoning behind the Diamond Engagement Ring

                      A diamond engagement ring is given to a woman to signify an engagement and a man’s intention of marrying her. The reason a diamond is said to be forever is because the durability is meant to last forever but it is also because a love worthy of marriage is meant to last forever. However, there are several other meanings the stone can hold.

                               Men should think about the significance of any jewelry before giving one in the setting of a ring or signifying that it is one meant for an engagement. It shouldn’t be given loosely in any jewelry because if diamonds are forever, then a meaning behind one should be one meant to last for eternity as well.

                                         For example, if a pendant is given to a woman by her children, she will be eternally grateful when she sees it because of the love that is unmistakable when her children pitch in and buy a meaningful gift. If a sister gives a bracelet to another sister, the same holds true.

                                           The clear stone engagement rings are a promise of things to come, of a future marriage. However, plans can change. Still, the love that was there when the ring was given becomes a forever memory of a love once shared. A diamond ring is a thoughtful gift of promise, an engagement of two people with the same intentions of marriage.

                               Of all the pieces of jewelry given throughout life, those given with diamond center pieces are those that speak the loudest to those who see the piece. It’s the one that shows a commitment of sorts to others and to the one who wears it.

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