Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reasoning behind the Diamond Engagement Ring

                      A diamond engagement ring is given to a woman to signify an engagement and a man’s intention of marrying her. The reason a diamond is said to be forever is because the durability is meant to last forever but it is also because a love worthy of marriage is meant to last forever. However, there are several other meanings the stone can hold.

                               Men should think about the significance of any jewelry before giving one in the setting of a ring or signifying that it is one meant for an engagement. It shouldn’t be given loosely in any jewelry because if diamonds are forever, then a meaning behind one should be one meant to last for eternity as well.

                                         For example, if a pendant is given to a woman by her children, she will be eternally grateful when she sees it because of the love that is unmistakable when her children pitch in and buy a meaningful gift. If a sister gives a bracelet to another sister, the same holds true.

                                           The clear stone engagement rings are a promise of things to come, of a future marriage. However, plans can change. Still, the love that was there when the ring was given becomes a forever memory of a love once shared. A diamond ring is a thoughtful gift of promise, an engagement of two people with the same intentions of marriage.

                               Of all the pieces of jewelry given throughout life, those given with diamond center pieces are those that speak the loudest to those who see the piece. It’s the one that shows a commitment of sorts to others and to the one who wears it.

Monday, December 2, 2013

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Secrets of a Diamond Clarity & Grading

                In Choosing a diamond for Engagement Ring or any item of jewelry, clarity(one of the 4 C's) in grading a diamond including cut, color & carat weight is of great importance in determining a diamonds value

              Since diamonds for under tremendous heat & pressure over thousands of years, it is extremely rare to find a diamond without any internal or external flaws. In some cases, these flaws or inclusions are in the form of dark spots, cracks or clouded areas of the diamond and can be seen without magnification lowering a diamond value.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Years 3 Most Important Days to Save!

        As usual the holidays are fast approaching and NY Diamond Boutique is Forest Hills, NY wants to be sure you don't miss every opportunity to shop and save on gifts. No matter if youplan on giving a diamond engagement ring or another special gift, there are 3 days to keep in mind when all retailers will offer special savings on Holiday Gifts.

1. Of Course the most popular is "Black Friday" 
the day after Thanksgiving; November 29 When stores will open in
 Predawn hours to accommodate bargain hungry shoppers

2. The Following day, Saturday, November 30 Has Come to be known
in recent years as "Small Business Saturday" On this Day, independent
retail stores have their turn to bring shoppers in through special sales
of the day
3. Monday December 2nd is "Cyber Monday" when online sales
are huge for both major chain retailers and small independent businesses
with websites.

     Whether you shop for fine gold jewelry or other gifts for that special person don't miss out on there important shopping days.

Friday, November 8, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Shop at NY Diamond Boutique

        With the Holidays just around the corner, you may be in the market for an engagement ring, a diamond necklace or bracelet or a name brand watch. Even before you decide what to buy, the question of where and who to buy from is there.
        Of Course some items sold in volume such as electronics are standard in quality and can be purchased from major chains based on price. Fine jewelry however is different and is best purchased from NY Diamond Boutique for a number of reasons.

1) First of all NY Diamond Boutique provides personal connection that is genuine, assuring quality and integrity.

2) Not all diamond, gemstone or gold jewelry in general is the same. Chains & department stores sell what is sent to them in bulk by a separate buyer. We personally select diamonds and gemstones which meet strict guidelines of quality, not to mention custom designing something special for you.

3) Also, consider benefits we offer our customer in addition to the product such as; sizing, appraisal, trade-in, cleaning, etc.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 Basic Ways to Know When Your Sales Person Really Cares About Selling Jewelry

        How many times have you been to a jewelry store and haven't really felt comfortable from the moment you walked in? That's not your fault that's the sales person who didn't do a number of things to make you feel comfortable & welcome. Often as a customer, we rely on saying, " Just looking." But in the most cases, we came in the store with something in mind. It is now the job of the jewelry sales person to lead you to what you may want to see, a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, etc.
         This Process begins right at the front door
      * A warm & sincere greeting or welcome with a genuine smile and eye contact

* If you say "just looking" you should be engaged to want to look; "Well, just look at this new item we just got in" or "Where would you like to begin" or "Let me show you a tour of the store to facilitate your browsing" are what you should hear.

* You should recieve an expereince you can't get else where 

* You should feel a desire to be waited on.

If the sales person silently walks away after, "Just looking" most times, you won't want to do business there!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What is a "Miner's Cut" Diamond

        Jewelry Fashion, like clothing fashion follows certain trends depending on the times. Just as "mini skirts were once fashionable, so were certain diamond shapes & cuts. At one time, the marquis shaped diamond was most popular. However, the shape for a diamond that has remained the most popular for centuries is the round style.
       Aside from Clarity, carat weight & color, perhaps the most important to determine the diamonds sparkle is how it is cut. Light Passes through the top or diamond table and is refrected at various angles to produce its sparkle and quality.

       In the 19th and early part of the 20th century a "miner's cut" became popular. This was acheived by cutting the point of the diamond to fit snugly into certain settings. This process however, reduced the refraction of light or the diamonds sparkles. Therefore in today's diamond market, miners cut stone are less desirable and hence, less valuable.

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Tips on Selling Your Gold Jewelry

1 )  Do Business with someone you trust. A local Jeweler is often best choice rather than a "Fly-by-Night" Group. Be Sure they are licensed. 

2 )  Bring Anything you haven't worn in over a year. If you are not sure what it is, bring it anyway for testing. Don't worry about condition since, in most cases, the gold will be taken to a refinery & melted. Don't forget about the watches that may have gold, watch band lines, single earrings, pearls, coins, and even dental fillings, plus silver jewelry and house wares.

3 )  All testing and weighing should take place in your presence.

4 )  Daily market values for gold are based on pure, 24k gold. You will be paid less for 10k, 14k, 18k, etc. since they include other metals. You should be paid additionally for gemstone and diamonds.

5 ) Be realistic about what you are offered. You will not get what was paid for your jewelry since that retail price included labor, overhead etc. In addition the gold buyer must pay a refining charge and have a little profit margin.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Do The 4 C's of A Diamond Really Mean?

        We often Hear The Basic Guide To Diamond Buying Depends On The Four C's ....

But How Do Each of These Basic Characteristics Work Together To Create the Best Possible Diamond You May want to Purchase for an Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, or Any Diamond or Gemstone Creation?

      First, The Larger the diamond or its carat-weight the rarer it is. However Size isnt everything. The Better the color the more valueable it is. The greater the clarity, the more beautiful it is although shape is a matter of personal taste, it is the quality of the cut that gives the diamond its brilliance.

     A Larger diamond with poor clarity or color may not be as valuable as a smaller diamond with greater, clarity & color. Although separate qualities, each of the 4 C's work together to indicate the beauty and therefore the value of a diamond.

Monday, October 28, 2013

10 Secrets of Great Retail Jewelry Service

More So Than Ever When Making a Jewelry Purchase, its not only the quality of what you're buying, but also the quality of service you receive from who you're buying from. It's a buyers market so you should be treated with a great deal of recognition and re-assureance from the following points happen the next time you  go shopping for an engagement ring, a wedding band, diamond, or gemstone jewelry etc.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Do's and Donts of Store Greetings

    This Holiday Season, it's more important than ever that as a customer, you are provided with a great service from the moment you walk through the door. The sales person should make you feel an immediate sense of recognition with eye contact, a genuine smile and appropriate words of greeting within 5-10 seconds of your visit.

   The words chosen for this initial greeting set the tone for your visit and may or may not create an atmosphere for you to want to make a purchase. "How can I help you?" or "What are you looking for?" are not words you should be hearing.
     Instead the sales person should be more focused on you as an individual shopper by greeting you warmly and indicating a genuine desire to provide assistance during your visit by asking; "What brings you in today?" "Where would you like to begin" or "What may I help you find" In this way you can avoid having to say "Just Looking" and instead feel more comfortable in working with the sales person to potentially fulfill your shopping need this holiday season.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

7 General Guidelines For Marketing Millenials

1. 13-30 Years Old Born in The 1980's-2000's

2. Preference for Experiential marketing, social respocibility with a desire to share information with peers as a way to stay connected with each other.

3. Key values include: Tolerance, social awareness, resposibility, and equality. 

4. Primary personality trait is a strong sense on individuality, never trading key values for image.

5. General Lifestyle qualities: Quiet, Friend Oriented with an overall desire for convenience.

6. Trust Areas
             *Value word of mouth
             *Peer review

7. Distrust
             *Mainstream media

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Basic Steps on How To Be A Successful Manager

Create mutually agreeable achievable, time bound goals

Clearly define tasks and goals

Offer recognition & re-assurance, but don't over praise

Detail tasks to do

Create daily must, should & could be done goals

The overall management goal is to create self directed versus structure oriented employees

Monday, October 21, 2013



1.  In general, the sales person should listen more and talk less.

2.  Feelings and emotions should be gauged by the sales person.

3.  Care and sincerity should be shown.

4. Relationship specific questions should be asked; i.e "What brings you in today?", to determine who the purchase may be for.

5. Sale specific questions should be asked to setermine what exactly you may want to purchase.

6. Pay attention to body language by the sales person. Is there eye contact, smile as they are listening, leaning in to show interest, note taking, etc.?  

Friday, October 18, 2013



When a concern comes up with the purchase of  jewelry or a retail purchase of any kind, the salesperson should observe  what is known as the L.A.S.T. rule.  This anagram stands for;

1. Listen-without interruption or second guessing. Listen for what is the real problem and not just a problematic symptom.

2. Acknowledge-You should receive genuine understanding recognition and reassurance about your concern. Acknowledgement of your  concern by the salesperson or manager should make you feel receptive to the solution offered.

3. Say-The salesperson should say what can be done to solve theconcern you may have about the purchase. If not, you should be asked what you would like to be done to satisfy your concern,

4. Thanks-You should be thanked for shopping and invited to return.   


Thursday, October 17, 2013



Because the price of gold and silver has been going up over the past several years, many of us are taking a second look at jewelry and other items for the purpose of selling them.

Silver especially is a questionable commodity if you don't know what to look for in terms of marks or symbols imprinted on it to verify it being authentic sterling silver. 

Some items may be silver but do not carry a mark. Others may only have  thin layer of silver or plated with another metal below it. In these cases, silver without markings should be tested professionally.

The most popular marking for the US is the number 925 or 950 indicating that the silver is 92.5% or 95% pure.

The other most popular marking is one used for English silver.

In this case a lion facing left is the symbol indicating silver.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Engagement Ring History



Engagement Ring History

An engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America, engagement rings are traditionally worn only by women, and rings can feature diamonds or other gemstones. In other cultures men and women wear matching rings. In some cultures, engagement rings are also used as wedding rings.
Conventionally, the woman's ring is presented as a betrothal gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. It represents a formal agreement to future marriage.
In North America, Ireland and the United Kingdom, it is customarily worn on the left hand ring finger, though customs vary across the world.
Before agreeing to marry, a couple may choose to buy and wear pre-engagement rings, also called promise rings. After marrying, the couple may wear both engagement rings and wedding rings, or if they prefer, only the wedding rings. Some brides have their engagement and wedding rings permanently soldered together after marriage.
(Excerpted from Wikipedia)







When shopping for fine jewelry and engagement rings, the salesperson should be creating a relaxed and trusted environment for you to make your selection. Check to see if the following occurs during your visit.

1. You should be greeted with a smile and pleasant eye contact throughout your visit.

2. It should be clear the salesperson is there to serve you;       "You're the boss. Whatever makes you happy."

3. You should have the reassurance that your feelings are important;  "I understand what you're saying.                   You're absolutely right."

4. If you have done some research about what you want to purchase, mention it.  The salesperson should appreciate your product knowledge; "I love a customer who has done his or her homework. This makes my job so much easier.

All of the above are ways in which you the customer should be made to feel relaxed, comfortable and filled with trust when purchasing Jewelry. 









Men and women have different shopping styles for jewelry.  The following should be kept in mind when men shop for jewelry.

1. Men spend 20 minutes or less.

2. Men do not like to be shown too much, too fast.

3. The salesperson should be asking vital questions to help the male shopper make a selection. Who, What, When, Where should be determined about a potential jewelry gift. 

4. Other important questions/statements for the male shopper include; "What's her name?", "Does she know you're doing this?", "Are you looking for someone special?", "Is it for a special occasion?" "When do you need it?", "Has she told you what she wants?", "Women love surprises.".

As a general rule, men buy when there is peace of mind and freedom from risk.  Women on the other hand buy for fashion style and sentiment.    



6 Ways Problems With Jewelry Purchases Should Be Addressed





6 Ways Problems With Jewelry Purchases Should Be Addressed

These days it's not only what you buy, but how and who you buy from.  This is especially true when it comes to a jewelry purchase.  So here are 6 area's of recognition your salesperson should be providing you with, especially if you are a discerning customer who had a problem with a purchase.

1. Assurance-You should be assured that any problem that arises from your purchase will be addressed, taken care of and solved.

2. You should be asked questions: "Please tell me what your problem is, please tell me all about your, please explain to me."

3. You should be empathized with: "I understand your frustration, I would feel the same way".

4. Venting should be encouraged by the salesperson asking more questions: "Please tell me more about your concerns, problems."

5. Reassurance- You should be reassured that your needs, wants will be solved.

6. Action Plan Proposal-A solution should be suggested with choices. As a customer, you should be made to feel in control.

If  you do not like the choices being presented as options to solve the need/problem, you should be asked how you would like to see things resolved. 


November Birthstone-Citrine



November Birthstone 


November's birth stone is citrine or also known as Topaz, The name citrine is derived from the French word "citron," meaning lemon. Most citrine available was at one time amethyst. In forming citrine, the gemstone is heated, changing its color to a brilliant gold. .
Symbolic of love and affection, early discoveries of precious topaz were placed in the jewelry of Russian Czarinas in the 18th and 19th centuries, thus earning the name “Imperial topaz” as well.
To ancient Egyptians, the color of yellow topaz symbolized Ra, the Egyptian sun god. The Greeks believed it conferred strength. It has been worn as an amulet to ward off enchantment, break spells, dispel sadness, and strengthen intellect. It was also said to make the wearer invisible, and assure beauty, intelligence, fidelity, and long life. It was powdered and stirred into wine to cure asthma, insomnia, hemorrhage, and burns. It was also said to darken in the presence of poi-son. These magic powers were thought to vary according to the phases of the moon.

 Here at NY Diamond Boutique we have a wide selection of  Citrine Stones , in various styles of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, bangles, and pendants.



Of course it can be uncomfortable if a jewelry salesperson is not helpful, ignoring you or seems a little overly helpful approaching "pushy". Here are some tip to keep in mind to know if the sales staff is really trying to help you in making your selection. 

The salesperson should be using phrases such as:

1. "Did you see this one?"

2. "Just look at this."

3. "Wait 'til you see this one."

4. "I've gotta show you my favorite."

5. "Guess what's in my vault."

6. "Hold on. I want to show you what goes with this."

7. "Check this out."

8. "That's part of a set and here's the rest of it."  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Diamond Shapes and Clarity Information

The Diamond

Our Diamonds at New York Diamond Boutique are conflict free diamonds. With every purchase of a diamond piece, you will receive a free appraisal, with jewelry's real retail price. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

What Are The Birthstones For Each Month ?


Monthly Birthstone Chart

January GarnetFebruary AmethystMarch AquamarineApril Diamond
May EmeraldJune AlexandriteJuly RubyAugust Peridot
September SapphireOctober OpalNovember CitrineDecember Blue Topaz

Birthstones are a fun way to celebrate your birth month. Each month has its very own gemstone. Wearing your birthstone is considered very lucky and is thought to provide the wearer with good fortune.
Giving personalized birthstone jewelry is a special way to celebrate someone's birthday. There are many items these days with birthstones such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Is The History of Diamonds and Gemstones ?



 What Is The History of Diamonds and Gemstones ?


Diamonds were first mined in India.[9] Pliny may have mentioned them, although there is some debate as to the exact nature of the stone he referred to as Adamas;[10] In 2005, Australia, Botswana, Russia and Canada ranked among the primary sources of gemstone diamond production.[11][12]
The British crown jewels contain the Cullinan Diamond, part of the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found (1905), at 3,106.75 carats (621.35 g).
Now popular in engagement rings, this usage dates back to the marriage of Maximilian I to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.[13]

Other gemstones

Many precious and semiprecious stones are used for jewellery. Among them are:
Amber, an ancient organic gemstone, is composed of tree resin that has hardened over time. The stone must be at least one million years old to be classified as amber, and some amber can be up to 120 million years old.
Amethyst has historically been the most prized gemstone in the quartz family. It is treasured for its purple hue, which can range in tone from light to dark.

Spanish emerald and gold pendant at Victoria and Albert Museum.
Emeralds are one of the three main precious gemstones (along with rubies and sapphires) and are known for their fine green to bluish green colour. They have been treasured throughout history, and some historians report that the Egyptians mined emerald as early as 3500 BC.
Jade is most commonly associated with the colour green but can come in a number of other colours as well. Jade is closely linked to Asian culture, history, and tradition, and is sometimes referred to as the stone of heaven.
Jasper is a gemstone of the chalcedony family that comes in a variety of colours. Often, jasper will feature unique and interesting patterns within the coloured stone. Picture jasper is a type of jasper known for the colours (often beiges and browns) and swirls in the stone’s pattern.
Quartz refers to a family of crystalline gemstones of various colours and sizes. Among the well-known types of quartz are rose quartz (which has a delicate pink colour), and smoky quartz (which comes in a variety of shades of translucent brown). A number of other gemstones, such as Amethyst and Citrine, are also part of the quartz family. Rutilated quartz is a popular type of quartz containing needle-like inclusions.
Rubies are known for their intense red colour and are among the most highly valued precious gemstones. Rubies have been treasured for millennia. In Sanskrit, the word for ruby is ratnaraj, meaning king of precious stones.
The most popular form of sapphire is blue sapphire, which is known for its medium to deep blue colour and strong saturation. Fancy sapphires of various colours are also available. In the United States, blue sapphire tends to be the most popular and most affordable of the three major precious gemstones (emerald, ruby, and sapphire).
Turquoise is found in only a few places on earth, and the world’s largest turquoise producing region is the southwest United States. Turquoise is prized for its attractive colour, most often an intense medium blue or a greenish blue, and its ancient heritage. Turquoise is used in a great variety of jewellery styles. It is perhaps most closely associated with southwest and Native American jewellery, but it is also used in many sleek, modern styles. Some turquoise contains a matrix of dark brown markings, which provides an interesting contrast to the gemstone’s bright blue colour.
Some gemstones (like pearls, coral, and amber) are classified as organic, meaning that they are produced by living organisms. Others are inorganic, meaning that they are generally composed of and arise from minerals.
Some gems, for example, amethyst, have become less valued as methods of extracting and importing them have progressed. Some man-made gems can serve in place of natural gems, such as cubic zirconia, which can be used in place of diamond.[14]

Excerpted From Wikipedia

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How The Opal Got Its' Name

Naming of The Opal

The word opal is adapted from the Roman term opalus, but the origin of this word is a matter of debate. However, most modern references suggest it is adapted from the Sanskrit word úpala.
References to the gem are made by Pliny the Elder. It is suggested it was adapted it from Ops, the wife of Saturn and goddess of fertility. The portion of Saturnalia devoted to Ops was "Opalia", similar to opalus.

Another common claim that the term is adapted from the Greek word, opallios. This word has two meanings, one is related to "seeing" and forms the basis of the English words like "opaque", the other is "other" as in "alias" and "alter". It is claimed that opalus combined these uses, meaning "to see a change in color". However, historians have noted that the first appearances of opallios do not occur until after the Romans had taken over the Greek states in 180 BC, and they had previously used the term paederos.

However, the argument for the Sanskrit origin is strong. The term first appears in Roman references around 250 BC, at a time when the opal was valued above all other gems. The opals were supplied by traders from the Bosporus, who claimed the gems were being supplied from India. Before this the stone was referred to by a variety of names, but these fell from use after 250 BC.
(Excepted Source-Wikipedia)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


NY Diamond Boutique, (71-46 Austin Street, Forest Hills, NY, 718-544-0222), one of  New York’s largest independently owned and operated jewelry stores, will support this year’s American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, (Sunday, October 20, 2013), with donations from fine jewelry sales and their gold buying service US Gold and Diamond Buyers.

Well known for the beautiful, fine gold, diamond, platinum, precious gemstone and high-end watches sold at NY Diamond Boutique, a percentage of sales starting now through the month of October will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer WalkIn addition, NY Diamond Boutique has created several beautifully designed, fine silver bracelets and necklaces featuring the classic ribbon symbol of the charity of which a full 50% of their sales will be donated.  

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the goal of NY Diamond Boutique’s event is to create a unique ways to raise funds for Breast Cancer research by creating this customized fundraising event planned to coincide with the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

Monday, September 30, 2013

October Birthstones-Opal and Pink Tourmaline

  • October Birthstones-Opal and Pink Tourmaline
                Pink Tourmaline

           Pink Tourmaline balances the feminine and masculine aspects within woman, empowering her to reach her full potential.
Tourmalines come in just about every color in the rainbow. Some of the colors have unique jewelry related names.
Pink to Red tourmaline is known as rubellite, and the color is probably from manganese. It is one of the most valuable of the tourmalines when the colors are dark and rich. Large flawless stones are rare
                   Its name comes from the Sinhalese word "turmali" meaning mixed. Bright rainbow collections of gemstone varieties were called "turmali" parcels. Due to the tendency to confuse Tourmalines with other Gems. Tourmaline lives up to its name. Perhaps this is why this gemstone is said to encourage artistic intuition. It has many faces and expresses every mood.
Pink Tourmaline helps a woman understand and come to peace with her feminine and masculine selves as it fosters the inner harmony and strength she needs to develop her true feminine power
                Opal comes in a variety of colors.  Common Opal, Precious White Opal, Blue Opal, Black Opal, Fire Opal and Pink Opal.  Common Opal does not have the “fire” of color that we see in the other Opals, but  it is emotionally supportive and nurturing. Precious White Opal is the one most commonly found in jewelry.  Robert Simmons says White Precious Opal carries the “seed of the Holy Fire“, with intense spiritual energy, amplifying emotions good or bad. When it amplifies negative emotions, we can learn the cost of negative emotions and release them.
               Here at NY Diamond Boutique we have a wide selection of  Pink Tourmaline and Opal Stones , in various styles of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, bangles, and pendants.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Opal History

Opal History:

Opal, the most beautiful and magical of all the gemstones, has been treasured from the beginning of civilization to the present day, and will be forever into the future. The word comes from various roots: Sanskrit 'Upala' (precious stone), Greek 'Opallios' (to observe color change) and Latin 'Opalus' (seeing jewel).

The Australian Aborigines have understood the opal's unique energy and beauty since the Dreaming times. They bestowed the name of 'Rainbow Serpent' upon this remarkable gem and described its creation: "The Creator took the colors of the rainbow, and put them into stone to make opal". Another story tells of the Creator traveling via a rainbow road to spread a message of peace on earth. With each step, the stones underfoot turned into tiny, tangible rainbows – opals.

There are other myths about the ancient gods involving opals. Zeus, the Greek king of the gods, was so happy when he defeated the Titans that he wept tears that turned into opals upon hitting the ground. The Indian Goddess of the Rainbow was reportedly so beautiful that many male gods sought her favor. Eventually, as a desperate act of escape from their advances, she turned herself into the rainbow-colored opal.

Traditions of other cultures display similar reverence. The Arabs believed that opals fell from heaven in flashes of lightning, that is how they received their fiery color. The ancient Greeks thought that opal conferred the gifts of foresight and prophecy. They would assist the wearer to lessen their inhibitions and reveal true feelings. Ancient Romans ranked opals above all other gemstones and paid high prices for the luxurious and fortune-bringing stones.

Archaeological evidence reveals that opal was mined in Virgin Valley, North America, over 10,000 years ago and used in artifacts in Kenya 6 thousand years ago. The ancient Greek Theophrastus (372-287 B.C.E.), who prepared the oldest extant book on precious stones, quoted his friend Onomacritus: "the delicacy of the opal remind me of a loving and beautiful child".

In the Roman world, when Mark Antony (83-30 B.C.E.) wished to present an opal ring to Cleopatra, the senator Nonius fled rather than give it up to him. And Pliny (23-79 C.E.), the famous author and natural philosopher, described his opal purchase: "having a refulgent fire of the carbuncle (ruby or garnet), the glorious purple of amethyst, the sea green of emerald, and all those colors glittering together mixed in an incredible way." During the same time, the Aztecs were mining opal in South and Central America.

Throughout the Middle Ages (5th - 14th centuries) opal was know as 'ophthalmios' (eye stone) due to a widespread belief that it was beneficial to the eyes. Blond women also wore opal necklaces around this time to protect their hair from losing its color. A Holy Roman Emperor included opals in his crown and Shakespeare (1564-1616) mentioned the opal as "a miracle" and the "Queen of Gems". Queen Victoria (1837-1901) wore opals throughout her life and delighted in presenting them to her friends and to other Royal Family members.
Opal was discovered in Australia at Lightning Ridge in the late 1880s and the first shaft was dug in 1901 or 1902. Today it is the national stone of the country and Australia supplies 95% of the world market.

The Healing Properties of Gemstones

NY Diamond Boutique

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The Healing Properties of Gemstones

Gemstones are not only attractive, but according to lore helpful in the treatment in a wide variety of medical conditions. Among the many popular forms of gemstone jewelry, let's look at several types of gemstones that are commonly integrated into jewelry and what their healing properties they are thought to have:
Amethyst is a purple-colored, semi-precious stone that is known as a spiritual stone and used for general healing and meditation. It's said that sleeping with a piece of amethyst beneath one's pillow promotes intuitive dreams and inspired thought.
Diamond is considered a master healer. An extremely powerful stone, it is said to remove blockages and all emotional negativity.
Emerald is a bright green precious stone said to improve intellect and memory. In addition, it's been reported to have wide ranging positive properties including relieving insomnia and acts as emotional stabilizer to assist in the release of emotionally based trauma.
Ruby is a deep red transparent gemstone and thought to increase levels of energy and divine creativity. In addition, it alleviates worries, lifts spirits, as well as improves one's confidence, intuition, spiritual wisdom, energy and courage.
Sapphire is often seen to have a calming effect on those prone to nervousness. Considered a stone of friendship and love, it attracts good influences. Sapphire has also been reported to give the wearer devotion, faith, imagination and peace of mind.
Gemstones are available in a wide range of varieties and are incorporated into many forms of jewelry including gemstone earrings, necklaces and rings. An attractive alternative to more traditional forms of jewelry, gemstones are not only attractive but also have a story behind them.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Secrets of the Peridot

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The Secrets of the Peridot

The beautiful green stone, Peridot, the birthstone for August,  is said to have special qualities that no other gemstone has.   Many believe this stone, more so than any other, will grant the wearer everlasting life. Why ?

When Egyptian pharaohs were mummified, their hearts were removed and replaced with a Peridot to guide them into the everlasting afterlife.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Healing Affects of Gemstone Jewelry

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The Healing Affects of Gemstone Jewelry

While gemstone jewelry is frequently thought of as simply an attractive adornment, gemstones are also thought to possess special meaning and healing effects. Used in a form of therapy, gemstone energy medicine uses the unique properties inherent in each type of gemstone to help focus the body's own healing powers. It's been reported that emotional maladies, mental complaints, and chronic illnesses of all kinds have responded to gemstone energy medicine in unprecedented ways. While many may doubt the legitimacy of using gemstone jewelry as a treatment of established maladies, it can't be argued that a substantial number of people have found this treatment helpful.
Although gemstone jewelry has been worn throughout history for its therapeutic properties, the healing effects have met with varying degrees of success due to a lack of understanding of how they work. Authorities on the subject state that to obtain the greatest benefit a gemstone must be of high quality and the proper shape. Like any other form of medicine, the greater the quality the better result, so flawless gemstones are needed to achieve the maximum benefit. Furthermore, the belief that these gems radiate healing powers makes a spherical gemstone ideal. Finally, most experts state that gemstone necklaces place the stone in a location that will benefit the entire body. Whether you consider the use of gemstones and gemstone jewelry a legitimate treatment or not, many swear by the positive affects they've experienced through its use.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


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  The creation of gemstone jewelry dates back thousands of years to ancient stories found in the Bible and elsewhere. Most scholars agree that the stories and myths behind this form of jewelry can be traced to the story of the "Breastplate of Aaron," which was a ceremonial and spiritual garment that was inlaid with twelve natural gemstones. It's believed that each of these gemstones represented the twelve tribes of Israel from the Old Testament and are associated with the Twelve Apostles.In modern times, the belief that the twelve gemstones present on the Breastplate of Aaron was extended to include additional meaning. 

The practice of assigning meaning to stones was probably associated to astrological practices and the custom of wearing gemstones as in birthstone jewelry was first seen in 15th century Poland. In the early 1900s the connection of specific stones to birth months was formalized in the United States; although criticized by gemstone purists as a commercially motivated effort, people from across the world now embrace the concept of birthstones and the ability to place deeper meaning in the gemstone jewelry that they wear.

As you search for gemstone jewelry, the folklore and myths associated with each gemstone offer greater interest and enjoyment. While it may require some homework, identifying the characteristics and meaning of each gemstone will give your jewelry more meaning. Some sample meanings include prosperity, luck, serenity and more. In addition, gemstones are considered by many to possess a variety of healing qualities and personality traits. Regardless of your beliefs, gemstones and the jewelry in which they are featured have a long and interesting history.


Monday, September 23, 2013


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Identifying the quality level of the stones used within gemstone jewelry is important and will ensure that any gemstone rings, necklaces or other pieces you purchase will retain their value. Since gemstones have no grading system, their evaluation can be more complicated than diamonds. However like diamonds, starting with the Four Cs can be helpful:

  • Color – The color of gemstones used for jewelry is important. Generally clear, medium-tone, intense and saturated primary colors are the most preferred. Avoid stones with color that is too dark or color that is muddled. The brighter and more vivid the color, the better.
  • Clarity – After color, gemstone clarity is the next most important factor in valuation. Clear, transparent gemstones with no visible flaws are the most valued. With no standardized grading system, clarity can be difficult to judge, but if flaws aren't visible in the face up position, then they rarely matter. Some gemstone varieties, like emerald and red tourmaline, are rarely seen without inclusions, so gemstone jewelry that uses high quality stones from these varieties will be more expensive.
  • Carat - Gemstones are sold by weight, not by size and prices are calculated per carat. It's important to recognize that some gems are denser than others, so similarly sized stones of different varieties may differ greatly in cost. In addition, larger stones of some varieties can be quite rare and much more expensive like ruby, emerald, sapphire and tourmaline.
  • Cut – Although not the most important factor in evaluating the quality of gemstones, cut is very important in how the stone is used in gemstone jewelry. A good cut is something that may not cost more but can add or subtract a lot of beauty. A well-cut faceted gemstone reflects light back evenly across its surface area when held face up. The best way to judge cut is to look at similar gemstones next to each other.


Friday, September 20, 2013

What's The Difference Between Precious Or Semi-Precious Gems ?

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What's The Difference Between Precious Or Semi-Precious Gems ?

Precious vs. Semi-Precious Gemstones

The distinction between precious and semi-precious gemstones is often misunderstood, but fairly easy to understand. Stemming from the ancient Greeks, the traditional distinction between precious and semi-precious gemstones boils down to rarity; diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald are considered precious, while all other gemstones are considered semi-precious. Generally, this system is often considered overly simplistic, unscientific and only reflects the rarity of the respective stones in ancient times. As a result, use of the terms 'precious' and 'semi-precious' in a commercial context can be considered misleading, however when buying gemstone jewelry it's important to acknowledge that this will largely affect the price of any purchase.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why Does Gold Come In Different Colors ?

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Of course the natural color of gold is a bright golden color.
However, white and rose gold have become more and more popular in recent years. 

Although not naturally produced in other colors, white and rose gold is produced with the addition of various other metals added as alloys.
White Gold-Nickel  or palladium is added to produce white gold.

Rose Gold-Copper is added to produce rose gold. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What Do The Numbers Mean On Gold ?

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What Do The Numbers Mean On Gold ?

Pure gold is 24 K or .999

917 is 22 K Gold

750 is 18 K Gold

585 is 14 K Gold

417 is 10 K Gold

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

4 Ways Jewelry Should Be Sold

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When purchasing fine jewelry, the following four areas should be discussed by the sales person.

1. The beauty of the jewelry.

2. Statements indicating the value of the item based on gem and product knowledge.

3. Features/Advantages/Benefits-"Diamonds are  the hardest known substance. They can never be scratched so you can wear them every day and pass them on to the next generation.

4. Why you, the customer came in. The sales person should make it seem even more important to you.   

Friday, September 13, 2013

The 4 Secrets of Jewelry Store Greetings

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The 4 Secrets of Jewelry Store Greetings

When buying fine jewelry it's not only what you buy, but who you're buying from!  Next time you shop for jewelry, check to see if these points are being covered by your sales person  as soon as you enter the store

1. Were you greeted within the first 5 to 10 seconds with a genuine smile ?

2. Was the greeting sufficient by making you feel comfortable with a sense that  the sales person really wanted to wait on you ?

3. Was the greeting creative ?

4. Was there positive eye contact and body language ?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 Diamond Buying Secrets

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When you go shopping for a diamond, it's not only what you buy, but how the diamond is presented even before you spend your money. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for during your next diamond shopping presentation.

1. The sales person should warmly introduce themselves, try to learn your name and use it in conversation with you.

2. The sales person needs to be a good listener. The essence of being a good seller is being a good listener.

3. Diamonds should never be shown on the glass top of a jewelry showcase, rather on a black jewelry pad or cloth. This helps you to stay more focused on what you may want to buy.

4. Diamond (and all jewelry for that matter), should be presented to you, not discussed through the glass of the display case.

5. The diamonds you're being shown should be bright and clean, without finger marks, polishing cloth strings or price tags that look worn.

6. You should be shown diamonds approximately within the price range you've described, not the most expensive item in the showcase.

7. The sales person's conversation should be focused on the romance of the occasion and the beauty of the diamond jewelry.

8. Aside from the price remember; you're buying diamonds for their beauty. Don't be confused by technical information.

9. Diamond jewelry should be worn when being presented.

10. A close-up mirror should be provided so you may see what the jewelry will look like when being worn.       








Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6 Reasons Diamonds Are A Bargain !

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Of course, it comes as no surprise that diamonds are the most prized of all gems when it comes to jewelry.  But why ?  And why have they become the ageless symbol of marriage in wedding and engagement rings ? Here are 6 reasons diamonds are really under priced when you stop to think about it.

1. RARITY-Of all diamonds mined only 20% of them are of gem quality with the other 80% used for industrial purposes, drills, etc. Only 1 out of a million diamonds mined will be a single 1ct. diamond; that's 1,000 piles of 1,000 diamonds.   Additionally, gem quality diamonds are found in very few places such as Africa, Australia, Russia and Canada.

2. MINING COST-Approximately 250 tons of earth must be excavated to reveal 1ct. of diamonds. This makes diamonds the most sought after substance on Earth with the least return !

3. CUT-The skill required to cut a diamond requires a 10 year apprenticeship. About 90% of a diamond is cut for it's size, sacrificing brilliance and beauty.

4. ENDURANCE-A diamond never wears out, never changes and its' beauty is unaffected by age.

5. ANTIQUITY VALUE-Although a diamond is 3 to 4 billion years old, yet it always looks new.

6. INVESTMENT VALUE-Since 1940, on average diamonds have doubled in value each year. Diamonds are an investment in life and in someone you love. Diamonds in wedding and engagement rings mean someone loves you and you're  taken.

The next time you shop for diamonds, keep in mind they're not just a good investment...., but a priceless one !!!!!


Monday, September 9, 2013

How To Afford Fine Jewelry For The Holidays Or Anytime

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

September Birthstone's " Sapphire Sale " at NY Diamond Boutique

Birthstones are a fun way to celebrate your birth month. Each month has its very own gemstone. Wearing your birthstone is considered very lucky and is thought to provide the wearer with good fortune.
Giving personalized birthstone jewelry is a special way to celebrate someone's birthday. There are many items these days with birthstones such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

September Sapphire
                  The striking deep blue of a quality sapphire is reminiscent of a cloudless night sky.  Ancient civilizations believed that the world was set upon an enormous sapphire, which painted the sky blue with its reflection.  This legend, as well as the belief that the ten commandments were inscribed upon tablets made of sapphire, gives September’s birthstone a royal place among gemstones.
                  Named after the Greek word "sapphirus", meaning blue, Sapphires have long been a favorite among priests and kings, who considered them symbolic of wisdom and purity. These gemstones are prominent among the British Crown Jewels, and Prince Charles chose this as the engagement stone for his fiancée, Princess Diana.
                  In ancient times, Sapphires were thought to be protective against envy, and even against poisoning.  A common belief was that a venomous snake placed in a Sapphire vessel would rapidly die!  Ground to a powder, the blue stone was believed to cure colic, rheumatism and mental illness, and to strengthen eyesight.
                 The Sapphire is second only to the Diamond in hardness, making it a durable gemstone for setting into jewelry.  A gift of Sapphire represents sincerity and faithfulness. As nourishing to the soul as gazing up at the sky on a summer day, this brilliant blue gemstone is truly a heavenly choice!
              Here at NY Diamond Boutique we have a wide selection of  Sapphire Stones , in various styles of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, bangles, and pendants.

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