Thursday, November 21, 2013

Secrets of a Diamond Clarity & Grading

                In Choosing a diamond for Engagement Ring or any item of jewelry, clarity(one of the 4 C's) in grading a diamond including cut, color & carat weight is of great importance in determining a diamonds value

              Since diamonds for under tremendous heat & pressure over thousands of years, it is extremely rare to find a diamond without any internal or external flaws. In some cases, these flaws or inclusions are in the form of dark spots, cracks or clouded areas of the diamond and can be seen without magnification lowering a diamond value.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Years 3 Most Important Days to Save!

        As usual the holidays are fast approaching and NY Diamond Boutique is Forest Hills, NY wants to be sure you don't miss every opportunity to shop and save on gifts. No matter if youplan on giving a diamond engagement ring or another special gift, there are 3 days to keep in mind when all retailers will offer special savings on Holiday Gifts.

1. Of Course the most popular is "Black Friday" 
the day after Thanksgiving; November 29 When stores will open in
 Predawn hours to accommodate bargain hungry shoppers

2. The Following day, Saturday, November 30 Has Come to be known
in recent years as "Small Business Saturday" On this Day, independent
retail stores have their turn to bring shoppers in through special sales
of the day
3. Monday December 2nd is "Cyber Monday" when online sales
are huge for both major chain retailers and small independent businesses
with websites.

     Whether you shop for fine gold jewelry or other gifts for that special person don't miss out on there important shopping days.

Friday, November 8, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Shop at NY Diamond Boutique

        With the Holidays just around the corner, you may be in the market for an engagement ring, a diamond necklace or bracelet or a name brand watch. Even before you decide what to buy, the question of where and who to buy from is there.
        Of Course some items sold in volume such as electronics are standard in quality and can be purchased from major chains based on price. Fine jewelry however is different and is best purchased from NY Diamond Boutique for a number of reasons.

1) First of all NY Diamond Boutique provides personal connection that is genuine, assuring quality and integrity.

2) Not all diamond, gemstone or gold jewelry in general is the same. Chains & department stores sell what is sent to them in bulk by a separate buyer. We personally select diamonds and gemstones which meet strict guidelines of quality, not to mention custom designing something special for you.

3) Also, consider benefits we offer our customer in addition to the product such as; sizing, appraisal, trade-in, cleaning, etc.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 Basic Ways to Know When Your Sales Person Really Cares About Selling Jewelry

        How many times have you been to a jewelry store and haven't really felt comfortable from the moment you walked in? That's not your fault that's the sales person who didn't do a number of things to make you feel comfortable & welcome. Often as a customer, we rely on saying, " Just looking." But in the most cases, we came in the store with something in mind. It is now the job of the jewelry sales person to lead you to what you may want to see, a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, etc.
         This Process begins right at the front door
      * A warm & sincere greeting or welcome with a genuine smile and eye contact

* If you say "just looking" you should be engaged to want to look; "Well, just look at this new item we just got in" or "Where would you like to begin" or "Let me show you a tour of the store to facilitate your browsing" are what you should hear.

* You should recieve an expereince you can't get else where 

* You should feel a desire to be waited on.

If the sales person silently walks away after, "Just looking" most times, you won't want to do business there!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What is a "Miner's Cut" Diamond

        Jewelry Fashion, like clothing fashion follows certain trends depending on the times. Just as "mini skirts were once fashionable, so were certain diamond shapes & cuts. At one time, the marquis shaped diamond was most popular. However, the shape for a diamond that has remained the most popular for centuries is the round style.
       Aside from Clarity, carat weight & color, perhaps the most important to determine the diamonds sparkle is how it is cut. Light Passes through the top or diamond table and is refrected at various angles to produce its sparkle and quality.

       In the 19th and early part of the 20th century a "miner's cut" became popular. This was acheived by cutting the point of the diamond to fit snugly into certain settings. This process however, reduced the refraction of light or the diamonds sparkles. Therefore in today's diamond market, miners cut stone are less desirable and hence, less valuable.

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Tips on Selling Your Gold Jewelry

1 )  Do Business with someone you trust. A local Jeweler is often best choice rather than a "Fly-by-Night" Group. Be Sure they are licensed. 

2 )  Bring Anything you haven't worn in over a year. If you are not sure what it is, bring it anyway for testing. Don't worry about condition since, in most cases, the gold will be taken to a refinery & melted. Don't forget about the watches that may have gold, watch band lines, single earrings, pearls, coins, and even dental fillings, plus silver jewelry and house wares.

3 )  All testing and weighing should take place in your presence.

4 )  Daily market values for gold are based on pure, 24k gold. You will be paid less for 10k, 14k, 18k, etc. since they include other metals. You should be paid additionally for gemstone and diamonds.

5 ) Be realistic about what you are offered. You will not get what was paid for your jewelry since that retail price included labor, overhead etc. In addition the gold buyer must pay a refining charge and have a little profit margin.