Wednesday, November 6, 2013

4 Basic Ways to Know When Your Sales Person Really Cares About Selling Jewelry

        How many times have you been to a jewelry store and haven't really felt comfortable from the moment you walked in? That's not your fault that's the sales person who didn't do a number of things to make you feel comfortable & welcome. Often as a customer, we rely on saying, " Just looking." But in the most cases, we came in the store with something in mind. It is now the job of the jewelry sales person to lead you to what you may want to see, a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, etc.
         This Process begins right at the front door
      * A warm & sincere greeting or welcome with a genuine smile and eye contact

* If you say "just looking" you should be engaged to want to look; "Well, just look at this new item we just got in" or "Where would you like to begin" or "Let me show you a tour of the store to facilitate your browsing" are what you should hear.

* You should recieve an expereince you can't get else where 

* You should feel a desire to be waited on.

If the sales person silently walks away after, "Just looking" most times, you won't want to do business there!

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