Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 Diamond Buying Secrets

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When you go shopping for a diamond, it's not only what you buy, but how the diamond is presented even before you spend your money. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for during your next diamond shopping presentation.

1. The sales person should warmly introduce themselves, try to learn your name and use it in conversation with you.

2. The sales person needs to be a good listener. The essence of being a good seller is being a good listener.

3. Diamonds should never be shown on the glass top of a jewelry showcase, rather on a black jewelry pad or cloth. This helps you to stay more focused on what you may want to buy.

4. Diamond (and all jewelry for that matter), should be presented to you, not discussed through the glass of the display case.

5. The diamonds you're being shown should be bright and clean, without finger marks, polishing cloth strings or price tags that look worn.

6. You should be shown diamonds approximately within the price range you've described, not the most expensive item in the showcase.

7. The sales person's conversation should be focused on the romance of the occasion and the beauty of the diamond jewelry.

8. Aside from the price remember; you're buying diamonds for their beauty. Don't be confused by technical information.

9. Diamond jewelry should be worn when being presented.

10. A close-up mirror should be provided so you may see what the jewelry will look like when being worn.       








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