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The Healing Affects of Gemstone Jewelry

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The Healing Affects of Gemstone Jewelry

While gemstone jewelry is frequently thought of as simply an attractive adornment, gemstones are also thought to possess special meaning and healing effects. Used in a form of therapy, gemstone energy medicine uses the unique properties inherent in each type of gemstone to help focus the body's own healing powers. It's been reported that emotional maladies, mental complaints, and chronic illnesses of all kinds have responded to gemstone energy medicine in unprecedented ways. While many may doubt the legitimacy of using gemstone jewelry as a treatment of established maladies, it can't be argued that a substantial number of people have found this treatment helpful.
Although gemstone jewelry has been worn throughout history for its therapeutic properties, the healing effects have met with varying degrees of success due to a lack of understanding of how they work. Authorities on the subject state that to obtain the greatest benefit a gemstone must be of high quality and the proper shape. Like any other form of medicine, the greater the quality the better result, so flawless gemstones are needed to achieve the maximum benefit. Furthermore, the belief that these gems radiate healing powers makes a spherical gemstone ideal. Finally, most experts state that gemstone necklaces place the stone in a location that will benefit the entire body. Whether you consider the use of gemstones and gemstone jewelry a legitimate treatment or not, many swear by the positive affects they've experienced through its use.


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