Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6 Reasons Diamonds Are A Bargain !

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Of course, it comes as no surprise that diamonds are the most prized of all gems when it comes to jewelry.  But why ?  And why have they become the ageless symbol of marriage in wedding and engagement rings ? Here are 6 reasons diamonds are really under priced when you stop to think about it.

1. RARITY-Of all diamonds mined only 20% of them are of gem quality with the other 80% used for industrial purposes, drills, etc. Only 1 out of a million diamonds mined will be a single 1ct. diamond; that's 1,000 piles of 1,000 diamonds.   Additionally, gem quality diamonds are found in very few places such as Africa, Australia, Russia and Canada.

2. MINING COST-Approximately 250 tons of earth must be excavated to reveal 1ct. of diamonds. This makes diamonds the most sought after substance on Earth with the least return !

3. CUT-The skill required to cut a diamond requires a 10 year apprenticeship. About 90% of a diamond is cut for it's size, sacrificing brilliance and beauty.

4. ENDURANCE-A diamond never wears out, never changes and its' beauty is unaffected by age.

5. ANTIQUITY VALUE-Although a diamond is 3 to 4 billion years old, yet it always looks new.

6. INVESTMENT VALUE-Since 1940, on average diamonds have doubled in value each year. Diamonds are an investment in life and in someone you love. Diamonds in wedding and engagement rings mean someone loves you and you're  taken.

The next time you shop for diamonds, keep in mind they're not just a good investment...., but a priceless one !!!!!


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