Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6 Ways Problems With Jewelry Purchases Should Be Addressed





6 Ways Problems With Jewelry Purchases Should Be Addressed

These days it's not only what you buy, but how and who you buy from.  This is especially true when it comes to a jewelry purchase.  So here are 6 area's of recognition your salesperson should be providing you with, especially if you are a discerning customer who had a problem with a purchase.

1. Assurance-You should be assured that any problem that arises from your purchase will be addressed, taken care of and solved.

2. You should be asked questions: "Please tell me what your problem is, please tell me all about your, please explain to me."

3. You should be empathized with: "I understand your frustration, I would feel the same way".

4. Venting should be encouraged by the salesperson asking more questions: "Please tell me more about your concerns, problems."

5. Reassurance- You should be reassured that your needs, wants will be solved.

6. Action Plan Proposal-A solution should be suggested with choices. As a customer, you should be made to feel in control.

If  you do not like the choices being presented as options to solve the need/problem, you should be asked how you would like to see things resolved. 


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